zondag 29 november 2009

A flight to Stockholm

So, I finally made it to downtown Stockholm and am sitting in the hotel right across the central station. And that's also pretty much what I've seen of Stockholm so far (dark! cold!)
I had a terrible flight though! My ears were especially sensitive this time, popping all the time. Then - after an hour or so (still an hour to go) I got restless legs. The sandwich I bought was an insult; it was roastbeef, but over-done and with pickles on it. After a couple of minutes I had to go to the toilet, but the couple next to me were sleeping and I didn't have the heart to wake them with just a half hour to go. And on top of that there was a lot of turbulence wich prevented me from opening my can of cola. Normally I find flying an exiting experience, but now I think the ES nerves have a grip on me.
A nice thing was that the flight was early, with more then a quarter of an hour shorter flight-time we landed on Arlanda ánd I got lucky to get my suitcase very quick, which enabled me to catch the Arlanda Express right in time and had a quick journey to the hotel.
Seemingly there's also a fast way to get to the Messe, so I'm very curious what tomorrow will bring.
The room is excellent! There are even bathrobes and slippers on the bed for usage, coffee, tea for free, bathstuff for free (and nice smelling) and a waaaaay to expensive minibar. There's also a SKY bar in the hotel which I plan to visit tomorrow, it's on the ninth (I'm on the seventh) and has a great view over the city according to the receptionist.

But now I'm off to bed, tomorrow I've a tutorial to attend! Nightynight!

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