dinsdag 1 december 2009

FunTESTic goes to EuroSTAR - part three; the startingday of the conference

Hello everybody, here I am again with news from Stockholm. I just arrived at my hotel after a very nice dinner with 4 Dutch testing colleagues in the old center of Stockholm and read all my e-mail and answered it where necessary, so now I have time to write my blog again.

It was a very dynamic day today. I got to the Mässan at about 8.15 and had plenty of time to get to my tutorial. A great start of the day with Naomi Karten's tutorial on 'cavedwellers and chatterboxes' also known as 'introverts and extraverts'(not a type-o!) I learned a lot from that session, for one reason why my messages by mail (introverts tend so set important things in writing) aren't perceived as important by an extravert, who wants to be informed on important things verbally. But also on how my behaviour is perceived by an introvert.

Naomi Karten at EuroSTAR 2009

After the lunch it was time for Doroty Graham to open the EuroSTAR 2009 conference. It was fun to see some history of IT 17 years ago when Dorothy was first chair of EuroSTAR.
Auditorium Opening EuroSTAR 2009

Lee Copeland had the honour of opening with the first keynote, which was on software testing innovations. If you look very closely to the picture below, you can see that there are nine points, where among others are 'good books', crowdtesting, testing in the cloud and virtualisation.

Lee Copeland's opening keynote at EuroSTAR 2009

I then had the oppurtunity to visit different short tracks (track of 20 minutes). Personnally I found them a bit short wich resulted in a bit of chaotic day, but nonetheless I saw some great stuff. Of Paula O'Grady, Geoff Thompson (what a great speaker he is!), Michael Bolton (burning issues) and Neil Pandit. The last track of the day track I didn't go to, firstly I couldn't choose and secondly I wanted to walk around a bit too and organise my thoughts. Below are the pictures I took during the different sessions. I've taken quite a bit more, but they were directly posted on my twitterstream (@funTESTic with hashtag 'esconfs')

Neil Pandit's track 'a visual approach to Risk-based Integration testing
If only we could make them to listen, Geoff Thompson
I'm not thát Michael Bolton...Burning issues at EuroSTAR 2009
Michael Bolton...Burning issues at EuroSTAR 2009

More to be written and shown tomorrow!
God natt!

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Pradeep Soundararajan zei

Thanks for the updates. Posts like these make us feel being there, if not for as long as you were there but for a very short while. Yet, it is important.

Your efforts are worth it. Keep them coming.