dinsdag 26 november 2013

Irish Luck

Hope the 'luck of the Irish' will rub off on me this week because so far It's been an unlucky week indeed.

I think Murphy's Law is with me currently and hope to leave it there...

Yesterday, during my two-weekly hospital drill, I hurt my big toe. At first, although it hurt a lot, I didn't think much of it, but soon it became really annoying and I called my doctor. He thought it couldn't be broken due to the cause, but since it hurt a lot, he send me to the First Aid post in the hospital to make some X-rays just to reassure me that it was fine... Well... It wasn't ...it WAS (IS) broken. So  they decided that I had to get a special sort of shoe.

And I waited and waited... And after an hour my husband went to the desk to ask how long we had to wait, since he got very hungry ... And they were surprised we were still there... They'd forgotten us and after ten minutes I got my 'shoe' and was off to home...

Today, I had to fly to Ireland for SoftTest. When I got to the check in I kept getting the message that the passenger couldn't be found. I used several ways to check in, but it didn't validate. So I checked my original ticket and got white around the nose... It was booked for the 5th of November , luckily they had booked my return flight correctly, but now I had a new problem: World Ticket Center doesn't have a desk at Schiphol and frankly: although the send me wrong ticket, I had to check it when it came in. So the money's gone alas. 

But I had to find out there wasn't a WTC desk at Schiphol because different schiphol personnel kept sending me all over the place, so I hobbled from departures 2, to 3 to 1 just to get back at KLm in 2 where I was advised to get to the servicedesk and when I finally got to the desk to hear I had to go to AerLingus desk in departures 1. I have never walked this much on schiphol when I was healthy, and I can assure you, it's no picknick with a broken toe either. 

But at AerLingus I could still buy a ticket for the flight I had planned to take and now I'm on the plane on my way to the runway. 

At least the Irish cabin crew already rubbed me a bit when I told them my story, I hope the Irish luck will have rubbed off on me a bit! 

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