zaterdag 21 juni 2008

Live at...

This weekend I'm going to:
'Lekker bij de boer', 'Alckmaria Feesten' and 'Dimmu Borgir'.

Open days at farmers who run biological farms (
Alkmaar provides an unique view on the everyday living in 1573 ( and all other kinds of activities
In the evening I'm accompanying my 'hubbie' to one of his favourit bands in Haarlem.

vrijdag 20 juni 2008

The Creation of FunTESTic Fanatic

After much pondering I decided to start a BLOG today. I find it a good way to share my thoughts about my profession and perhaps sometimes personal life, which is pretty much the same. And - to be honest- it seems to be a 'must' to present yourself as a serious (software)test/ICT professional to have a BLOG.
So: here it is, my own BLOG, perhaps not so serious in name, but I hope interesting enough with regards to the (future) contents to provide some entertainment and food for thought about Software Testing!