zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Putting myself to the test

Last week and upcoming week I have the lead of our testpractice for a couple of days. All other management teammembers are on holidays or away for other reasons, so that makes me the person in charge!
I have always claimed that I'm not a peoples-person or managementmaterial, but a real tech, so this is really a challenge, putting myself to the test sort of speak.
I have survived thursday and friday so far; and no accidents have happened (no really big ones anyway ;-) ), people are not threatening to resign, clients are not complaining and no issues are popping up, so far so good.
Oh... I would really like to thank my collegues who are helping me with some tasks/ assignments, I could not have done the job without you!

dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

Testing holiday cut short

Yesterday we arrived at home again. We were supposed to stay one more week at our vacation adress, but alas; our canine familymember had a tumour on its paw so we went home to let it be removed by our own vet (first we thought it was a simple abcess that a vet on our vacation adress could remove, but it turned out to be worse, the whole toe had to be amputated...). I just got home with the (druggy) patient and he is doing fine for now, so much for testing days out in 'the Veluwe'.

Last week we didn't do much either. We ate chicken at 'Juffrouw Tok' in Ede on Sunday (reservation not required, but highly recommended!) which was very good (and spicy).
We swam a little in the camping-pool , we rode some routes in the surrounding area by bike and I read 'Lichamelijke oefening' from 'Midas Dekker'.
On Wednesday we went to Friesland in search for a new (more dynamic) camping for next year (Burgumermeer in Sumar); it was hot, but testresult was 'Excellent!'.
On Thursday we ate a pancake at the Panoramahoeve in Bennekom (large portions of good quality! crowded!)
On Friday we went to the vet in Bennekom. Saturday we went to a place called 'De ommuurde tuin' a quite peaceful place with biologically grown vegetables, fruits and flowers.
Sunday we didn't do much because of the rain and yesterday - as allready said- we went home.

The rest of our vacation is dependent on how the patient is doing. We hope he will get well soon and that we'll be able to test some more days out.