vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Time flies

Again more than a month has passed since my last Blog, seems like only yesterday I wrote about the introduction of the name Fyra, but the datestamp doesn't lie (in this case) it is really more than a month. Time flies when you're having fun they say, so did I have fun?
Well.... in some cases I really did and in some cases it was just hard work.
I celebrated my vacation in the passed few weeks, so that was the really fun part. I was in Sumar (FR, NL) and some days at home, working on my Miniature House (which is one of my hobbies, you can see pictures of it on my Hyves). I visited the Planetarium of Eijse Eijsingha in Franeker, which I found very interesting! I also visited the seal shelter of Leny 't Hart in Pieterburen (they can use donations :-) ) and we visited SneekWeek for a day.
Before I could enjoy these fun days I had to work my **s off to get everything in order. My project was planned to go live on the 11th of August so everyting had to be allright, because I was to return on the 10th of August. Luckily it did, I finished the work that had to be done AND the project went live succesfully on the 11th (you can now buy tickets for Fyra :-) )
The last news I like to share is that I'm speaker at the Capgemini TestEvent 2009. It's about standardisation, normalization and certification as stable factor within a very rural (test)market. (and I still have to write the whole article :-$ AND make the presentation)
So I guess my time will still be flying the next couple of weeks!