donderdag 15 juli 2010

Are we there yet?

I'm dragging myself towards the holidays, two more weeks left of work and then there will be two weeks of nothingness, well almost, the first couple of days I'll be at RockArea festival at the Loreley theatre in Germany, but after that: I'll just lay back on my garden chair with a lousy novelette. At least there are no suprises there: woman meets man, they come together, they fight and they come together again, and live happily ever after. Man is always handsome and rich of course and the woman always has had issues in her passed which are generously forgiven by the man. Finally issues that really get solved :-)

Why not a good book or literature? Well; I've read my share of serious knowledge at the beginning of this year, and it seems that I'll be reading a lot more in the months to come - believe me-, so I refuse to do any serious reading in between.

Last couple of weeks have been very hectic with my project, luckily it went live this week [successfully] so now the only tasks ahead are wrapping up the last bits-and-pieces; writing the end reports, evaluating, that kind of stuff. I think it has never been so relaxed in the weeks before my vacation; and I think I've never been more bored. I like some action at the workside; that makes it more rewarding to relax at home. I like the fact that I won't have any late-night chores for work (part of the hectic stuff) but now the project is delivered for this stage, the work is TOO slow. Makes me wan't to cry out: 'Are we there yet?'.

So what do you do when work is slow? Yes indeed: you relax at work, but that means you make pace at home (world turned around). This means I have loads of work at home and non-client related stuff. The stuff I don't come around to do when work's hectic.
So currently I'm working on a new presentation called "Unusual testing: Lessons learned from being a casualty simulations victim", to be held at Capgemini's TestEvent 2010. I'm still working on some sessions of the 'Software Testing Ethics Debate', one to be held at NoorderTest 2010 in Leeuwarden and one to be held at ExpoQA:2010 in Madrid. I still have some work on Business Intelligence Testing (formerly known as Data Warehouse Testing) and Test Architecture Framework, and some reviewing on NEN/ISO items that are test-related (or related to some other field of expertise which I'm familiar with). So now I'm so busy at home that I really look forward to my holiday and desperately cry out: "Are whe there yet???"

All : have a happy and relaxed vacation! I know I will :-)