donderdag 28 mei 2009

My mobile phone is one hypocrite piece of work!

Since a couple of days I have a new mobile phone, since my old one was very outdated and the new Apple IPhone hasn't arrived yet.

Today I recharged the battery completely for the first time (since I got the thing I already charged it partly a couple of times).

When I looked on the display after a couple of hours a message was shown: Conserve Energy! Please remove the charger from the socket.

And this struck me as hypocrite as can be... because I've never had a mobile device which battery is empty as quickly as this one!

woensdag 20 mei 2009

EuroSTAR 2009 Programme Announcement

Finally, the EuroSTAR programme has been published!

And I'm finally able to tell that I'm in the programme! On a Thursday, my 'Ethics Debate' [doublesession!] has been selected. Julien Bensaid will be my co-speaker.
isn't it great? I'm so thrilled!

zondag 17 mei 2009

LIVEX 2009 - addendum


I allready spotted me in some pictures online, but very small...
In front of the KNRMguy
with my back turned, yellow sweater

and finally :

in this movie at 1.31/ 1.32

I'm the 'victim' (in the yellow blanket), with light yellow sweater, beige pants and bloody leg... my two seconds of fame! ;-)

also seen in this one:

LIVEX 2009

On saturday may 16th I participated as LOTUS in the largest evac-drill in Europe ever; the LIVEX 2009.

The scenario from my point of view:
A ferry of DFDS seaways went out at sea and on deck 7 a fire started. As passengers we are 'requested' to go to deck 8 and 9. I'm on deck 10 with a group of friends when the alarm goes off. A panic. We start to run down, but in the tumult I'm run over by other passengers, fall down the stairs and trampled upon. I'm badly injured; I have a large wound on the right upper thigh, it bleeds very much and I'm going into shock. Friends stay with me; some in psychosomatic shock, some in panic.
My friends, exept one (also my observer because of the shock-play) are directed to the evac point, a perser stays with me (who is VERY uncomftable to stay with me because of the large wound and the shock ;-) ).
After a while I'm evacuated by stretcher to the ship's hospital. There a marine doctor who has been flewn in by heli 'tags' me as T1. I get an IV and oxygen and am carried to the heli-deck to be evacced to the hospital.
-- I have to stop my play, because I'm not really evacced by heli; I don't have educuate training- instead all T1's are evacced by speedboat of KNRM to the shore (this is really awesome! 'high sea',very fast ship!) --
On shore whe have a no-play situation; there are some really sick people (sea sickness and hypothermia) and we cannot play our injuries for SIGMA/ GHOR and Ambu; because they are busy with the real sick. We are brought by bus to the shelter location and this is end-of-practice (alas!)

This day was really, and I mean really awesome!
And there was a lot of media attention (lot's of fotocamera's on board and on shore; on shore there were also filmcamera's), so there's lot's of stuff to be found on the net.

Some links below...

and some more (thanx to my LOTUS colleague Ben!):

zondag 10 mei 2009

Large drill 'Terrorist Attack' in Amsterdam - VUmc

Saturday I participated as "victim" in a very large drill at VUmc in Amsterdam (Testing disasters :-)).
I had an internal injury (Pneumothorax right) and was classified 'T1' - later T2 and in the hospital T1 again. So I got the whole 'traumatreatment' (which also resulted in me going back in bathingsuit and hospital-peejays to the casualties union room, because the cut off my clothes)

There were several newsitems on AT5 and some other articles on the web. And I'm expecting some pictures of my fictive 'brother'. I'm on several pictures actually, but alas I only know It's me because I recognise my sneakers or know I'm at that spot at that time (not recognisable in other words)
Nevertheless the pics are great! ;-) [filmpje!]

Next saturday I will participate in again a large drill (largest sea-safety-drill in Europe till now!), I will write about that next week.

zondag 3 mei 2009

Tester's screenshot...

Normally I make screenshots of software under test, this time the tester herself got screenshot :-)

I went to a fotoshoot to let a pro make some pictures of me, so also the different publications etc. can be illustrated with a better picture then with the one I had on my own disc...

I gave the photographer the instruction to capture - a bit of - my spirit in a business picture (***grin*** kind of impossible I think...). Below is one of the pics. Some others I published on Flickr.