dinsdag 7 juli 2009

And the name is.... FYRA

I haven't been blogging last month, sorry 'bout that. It's been absurdly crazy at my job client-side, testing on different projects, real-life testing with paying customers, etc.
But also starting on the presentationmaterial for EuroSTAR later this year, allthough the deadline is at the 4th of August, due to vacations it had to be done last week.
And off course the beautifull weather didn't work in the favour for blogging either; I have been spending a lot of evenings in the garden, enjoying glasses of (different kinds) Rosé (testing which one appealed to me most ;-) )

But today I had some news I just hád to share. After two years of secrecy and mystery about the name of the train (and believe me; in the different ticketingprojects I have a lot of occasions where the name is an issue). No more 'Albatros' (workname), no more 'XXXX' (sensored name).
From today on I can just say, I work on the ticketing program for FYRA!

And because of the introduction of the name, we all got a fun USB stick in the shape of the train (with a promo film on it)