vrijdag 24 oktober 2008

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Testing and Ethics

Last month I've been particularly busy with the subject 'Testing and Ethics'. Not that I'm involved in an issue with regards to 'Ethics', but because I'm curious - and I also would like to write an article or whitepaper on the subject.

So I've posted two discussions on two of the Groups in LinkedIn where I'm member of and I started organising a so called 'Lager Huys' discussion session(debating program in the Netherlands, lager not translated as 'beer' but as 'lower')(to be held in January/February).

At first I got answers like 'I'm always honest' etc. But these where not the answers I was looking for, they are (mostly) not true anyway for if it were true the whole world would be a much better and absolutely coruptless place. I started the discussion to get to the edge of things and preferably to that part of the edge that was the most shady. Luckily some colleagues from the testing community are prepared to think along the subject and answered more extensively and went with me into the hypothecial (!) cases c.q. situations.

For now it seems that I will get enough information to write something and publish in March or April 2009. So stay tuned in if you are just as curious as I'm on the matter.