maandag 28 maart 2011

VideoSTAR vote open!

From March 28th till April 1st the voting period for the VideoSTAR competition is open!
My movie is 'votable', so if you like it, please vote!

Some nice 'behind the scenes' bloopers:
The 'snot' in the movie, where I do the 'blair witch scene' is actually a green (kiwi/lime scented) soap. When I finished the scene and cleaned myself up I was a bit enthusiastic and I had a weird feeling in my nose for a couple of hours. Was very clean though.

When I just finished my make-up for the 'saw' sequence, the mailman arrived to deliver a package. Besides that I felt stupid (to say at least), the mailman didn't know if to laugh is socks off or to be very weary of a weird customer. I think he had a great story for home later that evening.

I got numerous mails from 'youtube' that my content had copyrighted stuff in it; I figured that if my acting was that good that it was considered a real scene from the actual movie that they should pass my information to the production companies. I never heard from them again :-)

Yes; the red paint from the 'saw' make-up did some staining on my face. Resulting in two very pinkish cheeks during the day. The black on my eyes resulted in a 'mascara' effect, which was actually quite nice. Although I wouldn't recommend this way of putting make-up on to anyone.

Husband got really annoyed by the editing of the music. I had to re-run it over and over again to get it somewhat right. It resulted in putting on the In Flames record afterwards though, to hear the complete song again without it being stopped all the time.

Well ... that was about it.
Again, please vote!