dinsdag 28 april 2009


Finally the winter is over. I had some trouble with the winter this year so I really am glad Spring has sprung. And it has sprung I can tell you that!

I’m full of inspiration and energy. And talking about energy; I saw an article in the computable feature ‘hebben’ (‘wannahaves’) on a laptop bag with solarpanel and with our new way of working I see a lot of new workplaces with an opportunity to enjoy the sun; and because of the solarpanel it’s obligatory to be in the sun the whole time! The good thing about this is also the environmental friendly way of working, solar power doesn’t have a negative effect on our environmental footprint. So not only you’ll feel good because of sitting in the sun (think of the warmth and extra vitamine D!) but also because of the contribution to the environment.

I will mention also the manufacturer is claiming the bag won’t fit all laptops, but will highly probable fit the Apple, Dell, HP and – this is the beautifull part- the IBM Lenovo. Sony and Toshiba will be condemned to their desk with airconditioning for the time being.

For more information (http://www.voltaicsystems.com/bag_generator.shtml). It will come with a price though; it’s about 500 dollar, but it will buy you some freedom and a lot of sunshine!

Happy spring (and summer)!

zondag 12 april 2009

Multiple keys and crashes

Sometimes I run into a couple of picture on 'cheezburgers' I really, really like and can't resist share them with more people! See the three below of kittehs who like to test multiple keys and the system crash...ENJOY!

What if...

A friend of mine once told me that sharing dreams would help them come true. I'm not so supersticious, but I can't help but thinking; what if...
So here are some dreams and wishes that I have...

- travel to: Australia, Indonesia, China and Peru (backpack and adventurous), rest in the Sheychels...
- build a log-house and live totally selfsupportive (wind energy, solar power, heliophytephilters and my own beehyve for the honey!)
- see the Niagara falls and get wet from the spray...
- see the sunset from the Kylimanjaro...
- for once get breakfast in bed, I can't remember the last time I got one...
- Paraglide
- Dive at the Great barrier reef
- Pick my own Hibiscus on Hawaii of Mauii, wriggle my toes in the black sand...

I think I'm gonna dream on a little further!

donderdag 9 april 2009

Article on drill firedepartment Castricum (Dutch)

Below an article on a drill of the firedepartment of Castricum, held in March.
I'm on the picture (casualties union) playing a hysterical woman in a burning vehicle. I have to be rescued by cutting the door en with bodyboard, because I'm stuck in the car. Cool huh!

woensdag 8 april 2009

Spring Stresstest

Feels like I'm putting myself to the test at this moment, the stresstest to be exact. How many things, tasks and thoughts can one handle at one time; well I can tell you that it is 'many' when it's positive and 'none' if they're not.
Fortunately at this moment it's all very positive what's happening and I'm handling with ease. I think some of it has to do with the sunshine in the air, some of it with the fact that some of my projects I'm testing on are finally showing 'OK's', some of it because of news I got, the brilliant LOTUS (Casualties Union) work I scored and some of it because of history that's catching up and catching fire.