zaterdag 13 maart 2010

's been a while...

I realize it’s been a while – again- since I blogged. I’ve been just so very busy, that blogging just moved to the background.

Firstly I’ve been writing my first large article, which will be published in the Software Test & Performance of April. It’s about Software Testing Ethics and I’ve written about some feedback that I got in the debates I held till now, among others the Ethics Debate held at EuroSTAR 2009. It was a lot of work, but I’m pretty proud of the achievement.

Secondly I also worked on an article on Test Architecture, Test Architecture Framework and the use of Eclipse Method Composer, together with a colleague of mine, for Testing Experience. Alas the editing board thought it was a sales pitch so it was rejected for publication. So me and my colleague (mostly my colleague) are now rewriting the article so that it will be a more scientific article, as the article was intended to be. We never set out to write a ‘sales pitch’.
Although, also this project is a bit on the background now, due to....

The larger part of my time I’ve been – besides working a lot- busy with reviewing the EuroSTAR 2010 submissions. I’ve set out on a quest to review all the submissions. It just seemed fair to know them all, before making the decision on the final program.
And there have been a LOT of submissions, it’s a record number this year! 433 submissions have reached my mailbox and I’m only as far as 229 in my reviewing process.
It is a slow process, since I take a lot of breaks, every submission deserves a fresh review without being ‘numb’ of reading dozens before.
Qualtech has anonymized them all (I can’t even imagine the amount of work that must have been), so I review purely on contents, applicability, innovation and – what else – passion, so I’m not biased by the knowledge of who the submittee is.
It’s a fun progress to be engaged in, but again, it takes a lot more dedication and effort than I would have suspected. Nice is that by making small notes on the subjects and keeping ‘topic keywords’ I’m a bit able to make some statistics. Alas, I’m not able to share anything of content related material of information at this time. But perhaps later this year, I’ll write another blog about this or a small article in the STARtester, we’ll see.

So, until I’ve reviewed all the submissions on EuroSTAR, I guess blogging is on the second plan. Hang in there and take care!

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