zondag 17 mei 2009

LIVEX 2009

On saturday may 16th I participated as LOTUS in the largest evac-drill in Europe ever; the LIVEX 2009.

The scenario from my point of view:
A ferry of DFDS seaways went out at sea and on deck 7 a fire started. As passengers we are 'requested' to go to deck 8 and 9. I'm on deck 10 with a group of friends when the alarm goes off. A panic. We start to run down, but in the tumult I'm run over by other passengers, fall down the stairs and trampled upon. I'm badly injured; I have a large wound on the right upper thigh, it bleeds very much and I'm going into shock. Friends stay with me; some in psychosomatic shock, some in panic.
My friends, exept one (also my observer because of the shock-play) are directed to the evac point, a perser stays with me (who is VERY uncomftable to stay with me because of the large wound and the shock ;-) ).
After a while I'm evacuated by stretcher to the ship's hospital. There a marine doctor who has been flewn in by heli 'tags' me as T1. I get an IV and oxygen and am carried to the heli-deck to be evacced to the hospital.
-- I have to stop my play, because I'm not really evacced by heli; I don't have educuate training- instead all T1's are evacced by speedboat of KNRM to the shore (this is really awesome! 'high sea',very fast ship!) --
On shore whe have a no-play situation; there are some really sick people (sea sickness and hypothermia) and we cannot play our injuries for SIGMA/ GHOR and Ambu; because they are busy with the real sick. We are brought by bus to the shelter location and this is end-of-practice (alas!)

This day was really, and I mean really awesome!
And there was a lot of media attention (lot's of fotocamera's on board and on shore; on shore there were also filmcamera's), so there's lot's of stuff to be found on the net.

Some links below...

and some more (thanx to my LOTUS colleague Ben!):

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