zondag 10 mei 2009

Large drill 'Terrorist Attack' in Amsterdam - VUmc

Saturday I participated as "victim" in a very large drill at VUmc in Amsterdam (Testing disasters :-)).
I had an internal injury (Pneumothorax right) and was classified 'T1' - later T2 and in the hospital T1 again. So I got the whole 'traumatreatment' (which also resulted in me going back in bathingsuit and hospital-peejays to the casualties union room, because the cut off my clothes)

There were several newsitems on AT5 and some other articles on the web. And I'm expecting some pictures of my fictive 'brother'. I'm on several pictures actually, but alas I only know It's me because I recognise my sneakers or know I'm at that spot at that time (not recognisable in other words)
Nevertheless the pics are great! ;-)

http://www.blikopnieuws.nl/popup/video/96577 [filmpje!]

Next saturday I will participate in again a large drill (largest sea-safety-drill in Europe till now!), I will write about that next week.

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